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Boveda 72% (Single Pack)

Brand: Boveda
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Getting the right level of humidification in your humidor is so important, and Boveda products just seem to nail it every time! This Boveda 72% single humidification pack is great if you just need to add a bit of humidity to your humidor. It does not give as much humidification as some of the higher percent RH packs, because sometimes that is not needed.

These 72% RH Boveda humidification packs are often right in the sweet spot for what a humidor needs to maintain cigars at their ideal level of humidity. Getting the perfect level of humidification in your humidor is important for keeping your cigars in good condition, and making sure that they always taste their best and are ready to smoke. We know that when you buy a cigar, you want to make sure that it is just as good as the day you bought it, whenever you are actually ready to smoke it. That means you need great humidification in your humidor, and this is exactly what Boveda specializes in!

To really get the most cigar storage longevity out of your humidor, you need to pick the right humidification products. With a good humidor and a Boveda humidification packet, you are on your way to successful and reliable cigar storage, with perfect humidity. Boveda solves every problem that exists with traditional humidifying elements without any maintenance or anxiety! Simply place the ideal Relative Humidity Boveda option for your humidor inside and you are done.

Packets last 2 months after activation, so you won't have to muss or fuss with them for about 60 days. Boveda humidification packs are also great because they are made in the USA; this means that you are supporting an American company, and ensures that you are going to get a high-quality, reliable humidification pack every time. If you like Boveda, or just love the 72% RH packs, please remember to come back and leave us a product review, so that other cigar lovers can benefit and learn from your experience with these 72% RH Bovea humidification packs.

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