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Colibri Cigar and Pipe Accessories category

The Colibri product range includes a wide variety of cigar and cigarette lighters and cigar cutters as well as other luxury products suited to the high standards of a cigar lover. The company was started in 1928 when Julius Lowenthal invented the world’s first working semi-automatic cigar cutter: the Swiss-made, ‘Colibri Original’ and to this day, each Colibri product is individually designed and engineered to the same exacting standards. 

Since the beginning, Colibri has been at the forefront of innovation in premium lighter and cigar cutter design. Every cigar lighter and cigar cutter is made with an original design and a keen eye for detail; in reality, we think that they are also designed to start a trend and create mini-revolutions within the cigar accessories niche. Now, Colibri's innovative engineering achievements routinely became the industry standards.

When you buy Colibri, it is guaranteed that the smoking accessory that you get will be exceptional. From the design to the engineering and efficiency of use - Colibri products can be mesmerizing! Check out our selection of high-quality products from Colibri, such as: the stylish Colibri Evoke punch lighter, the striking Colibri Eclipse single jet lighter, the sporty Colibri Daytona jet lighter, or even the Colibri Equinox luxury pen, and many more! We have the best prices for you so hurry and grab yours today! If you like it, please leave us a product review and share your experience with the Colibri Cigar Lighters and Cigar Cutters!

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Colibri Boss Triple Jet Lighter with Cutter - Black (LI950T1)
Colibri Equinox Ballpoint White
Colibri Evoke - Gray (QTR497002)
Colibri Firebird Afterburner - Black
Colibri Firebird Afterburner Lighter - Clear
Colibri Firebird Afterburner Lighter Orange
Colibri Firebird Afterburner Lighter -Blue
Colibri Firebird Hookah Soft Flame Lighter Black
Colibri Firebird Hookah Torch Lighter Black
Colibri Firebird Hookah Torch - Blue
Colibri Firebird Hookah Torch - Red
Colibri Firebird Hookah Torch - Silver
Colibri Firebird Nighthawk Cutter
Colibri Firebird Nighthawk Cutter Gray
Colibri Firebird Nighthawk Cutter Red
Colibri Firebird Rouge Jet Lighter - Blue
Colibri Firebird Rouge Jet Lighter - Clear
Colibri Firebird Rouge Jet Lighter - Green
Colibri Firebird Rouge Jet Lighter - Orange
Colibri Firebird Sidewinder - Black
Colibri Firebird Sidewinder - Blue
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