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Colibri Cigar and Pipe Accessories category

The Colibri product range includes lighters and cigar cutters.  Each Colibri product is individually designed and engineered to exacting standards.

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Colibri Boss Triple Jet Lighter with Cutter - Black (LI950T1)
Colibri Club Macanudo Cutter black and gold butterfly cut
Colibri Cut - Black W/ Green Blades (CU100T26)
Colibri Cut (Cu100T21) Black W/Red Blades
Colibri Daytona Single-Jet Flame Lighter Blue & Black (LI770T5)
Colibri Daytona Single-Jet Flame Lighter Red & Black (LI770T4)
Colibri Eclipse Lighter and Cigar Cutter Gift Set - White On Sale
Colibri Enterprise III (Qtr115006) - Black/Rose Gold
Colibri Equinox Ballpoint Steel
Colibri Equinox Ballpoint White
Colibri Evoke - Gray (QTR497002)
Colibri Firebird Afterburner - Black
Colibri Firebird Afterburner Lighter - Clear
Colibri Firebird Afterburner Lighter Orange
Colibri Firebird Afterburner Lighter -Blue
Colibri Firebird Ascent - Clear

Colibri Firebird Ascent - Clear

$10.99 $19.99
Sold Out
Colibri Firebird Ascent Lighter Green

Colibri Firebird Ascent - Green

$10.99 $19.99
Sold Out
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