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Zyn Peppermint 3mg (5 cans)

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Zyn Peppermint 3mg gives you the sensation of a bit of nicotine, with a great peppermint taste that might remind you of a candy cane or after-dinner mint!

Each purchase of Zyn Peppermint 3mg comes in a roll of 5 cans of Zyn pouches - each with 15 nicotine pouches per can. These nicotine pouches include absolutely no tobacco, and they won't make you smell bad or stain your teeth! Buy Zyn Peppermint, try it, love it, and then leave a review so others know how quick, easy and convenient it is to order Zyn online!


Q: What is the easiest way to buy ZYN in the US?
A: If you are in the US, or a US territory or military base, you can order ZYN from Payless, and we will ship it directly to you.

Q: What are the different strengths of ZYN?
A: We sell the Regular and Strong Zyn options, and these are the most common. In some markets, you can find a total of four options of intensity for ZYN pouches: 1.5mg (Low), 3mg (Regular), 6mg (Strong) and 9mg (Extra-Strong).

Q: What Flavors of ZYN pouches and lozenges can I order?
A: ZYN comes in a variety of flavors, and some un-flavored/neutral options; Neutral options include Gold (Sweet Tobacco flavor), Original (Unflavored & Neutral), Chill (Unflavored Menthol) and Smooth (Unflavored/Subtle Menthol).

In terms of the flavors, there are options in the mint family, like Cool Mint, Spearmint, Menthol, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Cinamon, Northern Woods, Apple Mint, and Deep Freeze (Eucalyptus and Mint).

There are also fruity flavors like Citrus, Bellini, Dark Frost (Strong Menthol & Berries), Black Cherry, Ginger Blood Orange and Lemon Spritz. Finally, there are cafe flavors like Violet Licorice, Coffee, and Espresso.

Get the Facts:
Attribute nameAttribute value
Country of OriginSweden
Qty Per Unit5
Unit TypeCan
StrengthMild - Medium
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