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Zyn Cinnamon 3mg (5 cans)

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Zyn Cinnamon 3mg nicotine pouches give you that delicious cinnamon taste, that calming nicotine sensation, all with absolutely no tobacco! Each purchase of Zyn is a 5 can roll, meaning you can get plenty of stock delivered right to your door. Not many people know about Zyn so leave a review and spread the word!


Q: What do people like about ZYN?
A: ZYN is easy to consume, and does not require that you go outside or leave a room to get in a bit of nicotine - that seems to be what people like the best about it.

Q: Can ZYN be ordered online and delivered?
A: Yes - when you order ZYN from Payless Cigars and Pipes, we will ship it directly to you.

Q: What strengths are ZYN products available in?
A: There are 4 strength options based on the level of nicotine. Regular strength ZYN has 3mg of nicotine, but there is also a High option that is double that strength and a Low option is half of that strength. You can also try an Extra-strenght option that is 1.5x as strong as the Regular strength. The most common strength options are the 3mg and the 6mg options.

Get the Facts:
Attribute nameAttribute value
Country of OriginSweden
Qty Per Unit5
Unit TypeCan
StrengthMild - Medium
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