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Zyn Chill 6mg (5 Cans)

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ZYN Chill is a great tobacco-free nicotine pouch option - Great for a quick break wherever you are. The Chill flavor has a light menthol flavor that is cooling and mellow.  ZYN is great because you can consume it anywhere you are without any smoke or smell. It is totally discrete.

This is the 6 mg option, which is considered 'strong' and has twice the nicotine as the regular strength option. You get 15 pouches per can, and this order comes with 5 cans, so a total of 75 pouches. 

Q: What does ZYN taste like?
A: ZYN comes in flavored and unflavored options. Chill (Unflavored Menthol) and Smooth (Unflavored) and Original are the unflavored options. If you prefer flavors, you can try options like Cool Mint, Citrus, Spearmint, Menthol, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Coffee or Cinnamon.”

Q: Where can I ZYN online and have it delivered?
A: When you buy ZYN from Payless, we can ship it directly to your home, or anywhere you want in the US."

Q: What are the strengths options for Zyn products?
A: ZYN comes in 4 different strengths that change based on how much nicotine is included. The Regular strength is 3mg of nicotine. High is double that strength, and Low is half of that strength. There is also an Extra-strenght option that is 1.5x as strong as the Regular version. The most common options are the 3 and the 6mg options. 


Get the Facts:
Attribute nameAttribute value
Country of OriginSweden
Qty Per Unit5
Unit TypeCan
StrengthMild - Medium
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