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Ventura Cigars

Ventura Cigar Company is the quintessential face of modern and edgy experiences for the eager cigar enthusiast. Based in southern California, Ventura has made a name for themselves in boutique cigar circles in recent times, partnering with elite factories throughout Central America and the Dominican Republic to create lively smoking experiences worthy of their fun and outside-the-box imagery and concepts.

While the complete Ventura collection encompasses many brands, names such as Archetype, Case Study, PSyKo SEVEN, Slaughterhouse, and Project 805 lead the pack. Between these brands, Ventura has teamed with industry-leading manufacturers, tailor-fitting each brand to the factory best capable of bringing their vision to life. This includes star-studded names such as Drew Estate’s La Gran Fabrica factory in Nicaragua and Davidoff’s prestigious Tabadom facilities in the DR.

Ventura’s cigars are eye-catching and include a wide range of flavor profiles, from mild and nuanced, to bold and fiery.