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Velo Wintergreen 4mg (5 Tins)

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The Velo Wintergreen Smokeless Nicotine Pouches are mild to medium nicotine pouches that offer a classic sweet, wintergreen flavor. These pouches are small enough to be unnoticeable when placed between your lips and gums. They freshen up your breath and are designed to be spit-free and mess-free - a great way to get a nicotine fix without having to go outside or risk staining your teeth from tobacco products. These Velo pouches come in a tin of 20 4mg pouches, and in this order, you get 5 tins - a total of 100 pouches at a very low price!

Velo Wintergreen nicotine pouches taste great and are easy to use; hassle-free nicotine fill any time of the day! It will taste like you just brushed your teeth, but actually, you were enjoying a quick and relaxing nicotine break. Order Velo Wintergreen now to satisfy your cravings and your taste buds at the same time. If you like them, please come back and leave us a product review - Shoppers want to know when and how you enjoy the Wintergreen Velo Pouches!

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Qty Per Unit5
StrengthMild - Medium, Flavored
Unit TypeCan
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