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Velo Spearmint 4mg (5 Tins)

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The Velo Spearmint Smokeless Nicotine Pouches are mild to medium nicotine pouches that offer a sweet, minty flavor you'll love. These pouches freshen up your breath without the risk of staining your teeth like chewing tobacco might. Velo pouches are tobacco-free, spit-free, and hassle-free! They are also tiny, slim-profile white pouches, that are unnoticeable when you use them. These nicotine pouches come in a tin of 20 4mg pouches, and in this order, you get 5 tins - a total of 100 Velo nicotine pouches, at a super-low price!

Velo is a trusted brand for great nicotine pouches and lozenges, so you won't be disappointed - The Velo Spearmint Smokeless Nicotine Pouches are worth every penny. They are especially great for enjoying at work, in your car, on long flights, or in public transportation where you can’t even consider smoking or chewing tobacco. Order yours now and indulge yourself with sweet, minty freshness you'll never forget. If you like them, please come back and let us know where and when you enjoy the 4mg Spearmint Velo Nicotine Pouches the most! Your product reviews help other shoppers decide what to buy and why.

Get the Facts:
Qty Per Unit 5
Strength Mild - Medium
Strength Flavored
Unit Type Can
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