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Velo Hard Lozenge Dark Mint 2mg (5 Tins)

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The Dark Mint Velo Hard Lozenge is a mild to medium strength lozenge that delivers a classic mint flavor with a rich, dark, rich & creamy twist. These hard lozenges are transparent and designed to look like rhinestones, gems, or candies. They are small enough to be unnoticeable when you place them between your cheek and teeth, so they can easily be consumed absolutely anywhere. Velo Hard lozenges come in a tin of 20 2mg lozenges, and in this order, you get 5 Velo tins - a total of 100 hard lozenges.

Hard lozenges are ideal for people who are looking for alternatives to nicotine pouches, vapes, cigarettes, and chewing tobacco - hard lozenges are ideal. And the good thing is, you can use them anywhere, even while working! Order yours now and get a great deal on Dark Mint Velo Lozenges - You can expect to have a refreshing and satisfying experience. If you like the Velo Hard Lozenges, please come back and leave us a product review - tell other shoppers how you felt about the Dark Mint flavor, or about the Velo Hard Lozenge experience as a whole!

Get the Facts:
Qty Per Unit 5
Strength Mild - Medium
Strength Flavored
Unit Type Can
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