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Velo Hard Lozenge Crema 2mg (5 Tins)

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Velo Hard Lozenges in the Crema flavor are mild to medium strength nicotine lozenges that offer creamy vanilla and toast flavors. These are tobacco-free nicotine lozenges that freshen up your breath without staining your teeth. Velo Hard Lozenges come in a tin of 20 2mg lozenges, and in this order, you get 5 tins - a total of 100 Velo Crema lozenges.

Velo Hard Lozenges look and taste like small, gem-shaped candies, but with a hint of a nicotine buzz. They are small enough to use anywhere, like inside the mall, airport, and other public places - or at work, in your car, or basically, anywhere. The Crema flavored lozenges are sweet and simple, so order yours now and satisfy your taste buds and enjoy a bit of nicotine without smoking or chewing tobacco. If you like them, please come back and leave us a product review to share where you enjoy your Velo Crema Hard Lozenges!

Get the Facts:
Qty Per Unit 5
Strength Mild - Medium
Strength Flavored
Unit Type Can
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