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Tatuaje Reserva Miami

Tatuaje Cigars was technically founded in 2003, when owner and founder Pete Johnson met with the now-legendary Don Pepín García. The name Tatuaje (tattoo in Spanish) sprung from Pete's numerous tattoos and time in the L.A. rock music scene. In the early days, all of Tatuaje's cigars were produced at the García factory in Miami. Eventually, most of Tatuaje's brands moved to the García family's massive My Father Cigars factory (after the facility's construction in 2009).

A select collection of cigars, however, remained in Miami, taking advantage of the artisanal craftsmanship of the boutique factory (El Rey de los Habanos).

Enter Tatuaje's famed Brown Label series (or Seleccion De Cazador), a line created in commemoration of the Cuban-style cigars that Pete Johnson fell in love with when he first started smoking cigars. Made in collaboration with Don Pepín García, who is known for being one of the greatest Cuban rollers of his time, the Brown Label series captures the rustic, yet full-bodied profile you would expect from Cuba's heyday.

Tatuaje Reserva Miami consists of special sizes and blend variations of the original Brown Label blend. This is where Pete Johnson allows himself to indulge, experimenting with intricate sizes and unique twists in blending style. These cigars are crafted in extremely small batches, rolled for the die-hard cigar enthusiast by showcasing Cuban-trained cigar craftsmanship at its finest.

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Tatuaje Reserva Miami SW Cigar

Tatuaje Reserva Miami SW

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