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Smokey Mountain Wintergreen Pouches (5 Cans)

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The Smokey Mountain Wintergreen Snuff Pouches are tobacco and nicotine-free, with the classic sweet, wintergreen flavor. Each pouch will last for about two hours and each can comes with five pouches inside. The can itself is black with the 'Smokey Mountain' and 'Wintergreen' labels on the top and outside.

If you're looking for tobacco-free alternatives that taste great and satisfy your cravings, then the Smokey Mountain Wintergreen Pouches are a great option for you. They are fantastic for flights, meetings, or really any activity, and they don’t have the mess or odor that are part of other tobacco-oriented products; And you can feel good that these are tobacco and nicotine-free! Order your Smokey Mountain Snuff Pouches today. Please don't forget to come back and leave us a product review to let us and everyone else know about these tobacco-free pouches!

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