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Smokey Mountain Snuff

Smokey Mountain Snuff is the 100% Nicotine Free, Tobacco Free, snuff product you have been looking for! Featuring numerous flavors like citrus and wintergreen, plus a pouch option for those who do not like the fine cut snuff. This smokeless tobacco alternative is similar but not quite identical to the products you have had in the past, but effectively simulate the relaxing ritual you know and love. Not only is Smokey Mountain Snuff nicotine and tobacco free, but it is also spit free as well meaning you can just put the pouch or snuff in, kick back and enjoy.

Q: What is Smokey Mountain Snuff?

A: Smokey Mountain Snuff is an herbal snuff product that simulates the effect of comparable tobacco products but in a nicotine free, tobacco free, delivery.

Q: Is Smokey Mountain safe?

A: Smokey Mountain Snuff is manufactured in an inspected facility and uses FDA approved food grade herbal ingredients, making it safer than its tobacco counterparts.

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Smokey Mountain Citrus Snuff (5 Cans)
Smokey Mountain Classic Snuff (5 Cans)
Smokey Mountain Straight Snuff (5 Cans)
Smokey Mountain Wintergreen Pouches (5 Cans)
Smokey Mountain Wintergreen Snuff (5 Cans)
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