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Sindicato Cigars

Forging an alliance between some of the industry’s leading professionals, Sindicato Cigars debuted in 2013. In the years following, Sindicato has teamed with some of the world’s most exciting factories, spanning Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and even the U.S., to create a suite of unique smoking experiences for the craft cigar enthusiast. 

Sindicato’s cigars encompass a wide range of flavor profiles and pricing for hobbyists of all walks of life. The first rung on the “Sindicato ladder” is Affinity by Sindicato, offering an affordable experience with a smooth and creamy profile. The natural progression then leads one to Hex by Sindicato, a dark and sinister smoke for the maduro fanatic! At the top of the rung are the brand’s self-titled projects, such as Sindicato or the limited edition Sindicato Miami Project, made by the famed Fernandez family and their boutique factories in Nicaragua and Miami. 

Sindicato is a rising boutique brand, quickly becoming a favorite amongst diehard enthusiasts and everyday hobbyists alike.

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Affinity Belicoso

$149.10 $165.90
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Affinity Churchill

$149.10 $165.90

Affinity Corona

$117.60 $130.20
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Affinity Gran Toro

$149.10 $165.90

Affinity Maduro Corona

$149.95 $166.95
Sold Out

Affinity Maduro Robusto

$164.95 $183.75

Affinity Maduro Toro

$168.95 $187.95

Affinity Robusto

$132.30 $147.00
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Affinity Toro

$137.55 $153.30

Cubico Gran Toro

$161.09 $179.00
Sold Out

Cubico Robusto

$148.49 $165.00
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Cubico Toro

$157.49 $175.00

Particulares #1

$142.95 $159.00

Particulares Belvederas

$160.95 $179.00

Particulares Cesenta

$160.95 $179.00

Particulares Delicioso

$152.95 $170.00

Particulares Robusto

$142.99 $159.00

Sindicato Churchill

$142.95 $158.95
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