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SF Hemp Wraps

SF Hemp Wraps are premium hemp wrappers that you will love! They are Tobacco-Free, and burn slower than other options. They are available in a variety of subtle flavors that will add variety and interest to your smoking experience. If you are used to rolling with tobacco-leaf wrappers, you will enjoy this lower tar alternative! SF Hemp Wraps are a 100% nicotine-free and tobacco-free alternative! Make the change today!

We are still trying to build up reviews on this product! If you try them, please let us know what you think of these hemp cigar wraps!

Q: What are hemp wraps?

A: Hemp wraps are like the tobacco wraps you have seen for years, but instead made with hemp – a natural, environmentally friendly fiber that does not contain tobacco or nicotine!

Q: Is hemp flavored?

A: While hemp itself is not a naturally flavored product these SF Hemp Wraps are flavored with 4 varieties – Mango, Natural, Russian Cream, and Winter Steel.

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