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SF Hemp Wrap Winter Steel (25 Packs of 2)

Brand: SF Hemp Wraps
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Winter Steel Flavored SF Hemp Wraps are a different take on a classic. Cool but neutral, these wappers are great for rolling your own, without having to add extra tobacco or nicotine to the mix. These hemp wraps are a great, tobaco-free rolling alternative; they are slower burning, and come in unique flavors like winter steel. What is winter steel you may ask? Well, immagine the feeling of kicking back and relaxing on a fresh, crisp mountain train ride, and you might get the right sensation! These hemp wraps are delivered right to you in 25 packs of 2 wraps each so you know they will stay fresh and maintain their flavor. SF Hemp is a top brand, and once you get the hang of wrapping with these, you will never go back to an alternative. Nicotine and Tobacco-Free, these hemp wraps are exactly what you have been looking for! Go ahead - you know you want to order some today!

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Qty Per Unit 50
Strength Flavored
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