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SF Hemp Wrap Russian Cream (25 Packs of 2)

Brand: SF Hemp Wraps
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The Russian Cream SF Hemp Wraps add a rare delight to your rolling routine! Roll with these hemp wraps to easily eliminate the tobacco and nicotine that your toboacco wrappers might bring - you don't need that in your wrap if you just go with hemp. These hemp wraps come in 25 packs of 2 wraps each, so they will stay fresh and keep that delicious Russian cream flavor - as rich and tasty with the first as with the last! Russian creme is the flavor of elegance and decadance, so it is great to take your smoking experience to the next level! These are slower-burning than other rolling alternatives, so you can relax and luxuriate in the taste and the experience! Once you have rolled with real hemp wraps, you will never go back!

We are still trying to build up reviews on this product! If you try them, please let us know what you think of these hemp cigar wraps!

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Qty Per Unit 50
Strength Flavored
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