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Sesh Mint 6mg (5 cans)

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Sesh Mint 6mg Nicotine Pouches are slim nicotine pouches with a sweet, minty flavor. Get 5 cans of 20 pouches each - a total of 100 pouches at a great price!
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The Sesh 6mg Mint Nicotine Pouches are small nicotine pouches with a classic mint flavor. These tiny pouches keep your breath fresh and are tobacco-free, spit-free, mess-free, and taste great. Mint is a great flavor for waking up your mind and body, perhaps to start your day or pull you out of an afternoon slump, and with the help of a little nicotine in your system, you will be unstoppable! The best part is, that you can enjoy these nicotine pouches pretty much anywhere! They are small enough to be undetectable. Get your nicotine fix without having to go outside, and without having to spit or risk having something stuck in your teeth!

The 6mg pouch is the middle size that Sesh offers, but they are still small and slim, and easy to conceal when placed between your lip and your gums. Keep them in your purse, pocket, car, or desk drawer - they are great anytime you need a little break but can't stop what you are doing. These nicotine pouches are perfect for situations like public transportation, air travel, work, church, and in restaurants, where it is difficult to smoke, and they have no tobacco at all, which means they won't cause you to smell or give you bad breath - they will actually improve your breath!

Sesh pouches are a great way to freshen your breath and get a quick mellow buzz anytime, and anywhere. Order your Sesh Mint 6mg Nicotine Pouches now and satisfy your taste buds without breaking the bank. We have them available at a great, low price, and you will get 5 cans of 20 pouches each, so a total of 100 nicotine pouches in every order! If you like them, please come back and leave us a product review to share what you like about the Sesh Mint Nicotine Pouches, and where and when you enjoy them the most!

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