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Sesh Mango 4mg (5 cans)

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Sesh Mango 4mg Nicotine Pouches are slim nicotine pouches with a sweet, mango flavor. Get 5 cans of 20 pouches each - a total of 100 pouches at a great price!
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The Sesh Mango 4mg Nicotine Pouches are small nicotine pouches with a sweet mango flavor in 4mg pouches. Mango is a unique and fruity Sesh flavor that will immediately transport you to the tropical oasis of your dreams - at least in your mental space and private outlook! Take a mini-vacation from whatever is stressing you out, with your Mango Sesh pouches! These pouches last up to 30 minutes, so just enough time to brighten your perspective and possibly your whole day!

The 4mg pouch is the smallest size that Sesh offers, so these little gems are delightfully small, slim, and easy to conceal when placed between your lip and your gums. Keep them anywhere that you might need them, just like mints - in your purse, pocket, car or desk drawer - they are great anytime you need a little break but can't stop what you are doing. These nicotine pouches are perfect for situations like public transportation, air travel, work, church, and in restaurants, where it is difficult to smoke, and the best part is, they are tobacco-free, so no smelling like tobacco products when you are done enjoying the pouch!

It is easy to take Sesh pouches with you wherever you go, and the mango flavor is the best option for getting that summery, tropical vibe going -regardless of where you are or what you are doing! Each order of the Sesh Mango 4mg Nicotine Pouches includes 5 cans of 20 pouches each, so that is a total of 100 nicotine pouches in every order! Nicotine pouches are a new concept for many, so if you like them, please come back and leave us a product review to share with other shoppers what you like best about the Sesh 4mg Mango Nicotine Pouches, anywhere or when you prefer to enjoy them!

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