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Picture for category Punch Cigars
Punch Cigars

With an origin story that dates back to 1840, it’s safe to say that Punch Cigars has stood the test of time. Despite changing ownership multiple times, and even making the treacherous escape from communist Cuba in the early ‘60s, Punch continues to operate as one of the world’s most popular and recognizable cigar brands.

Today, Punch cigars are handmade at the Honduras American Tobacco S.A. (HATSA) factory in Honduras. There, they produce not only the tried-and-true, original, Punch Punch cigars, but a full suite of cigars with tobacco blends to suit nearly every palate - Options that are great for newcomers and seasoned cigar smokers alike!

Cigar options like the Punch Signature, strike a balance of old-world charm with a fun and modern twist in the flavors; the Punch Grand Cru, shows as much finesse as a finely-tuned Italian sports car, which can also offer a nice change of pace, or alternately, the world-famous Punch Rare Corojo, practically invented the modern craze of limited edition cigars by featuring a special blend of rare tobaccos!

Whether you’re looking for a classic flavor profile that can be enjoyed on a daily basis, or a figurative “PUNCH” to the gut with palate-smacking intensity, you’ll find what you’re searching for right here with Punch Cigars.

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Punch 6-pack Sampler

Punch 6-pack Sampler

Sold Out
Punch 93 Tray

Punch 93 Tray

Punch After Dinner Cigar

Punch After Dinner

$137.99 $174.75
Sold Out
Punch After Dinner Maduro Cigar

Punch After Dinner Maduro

$137.99 $174.75
Punch Bento Box

Punch Bento Box

$149.99 $200.08
Sold Out
Punch Bobblehead

Punch Bobblehead

Sold Out
Punch Bolos (5 Tins Of 6)

Punch Bolos (1 tin of 6)

Order Quantity 5 to Receive a Full Sleeve (5 tins of 6)
$13.29 $16.99
Punch Cafe' Royale (Crystal Tubes) Cigar

Punch Cafe' Royale (Crystal Tubes)

$50.99 $63.92
Punch Champion Cigar

Punch Champion

$143.99 $182.25
Punch Champion Double Maduro Cigar

Punch Champion Double Maduro

$143.99 $182.25
Punch Cigar City Maduro Magnum Cigar

Punch Cigar City Maduro Magnum

$132.99 $165.80
Sold Out
Punch Cigar City Maduro Toro Cigar

Punch Cigar City Maduro Toro

$135.99 $169.80
Sold Out
Punch Cigar City Maduro Toro (5-Pack)
Punch Cigarillo (10 tins of 20)

Punch Cigarillo (1 tin of 20)

Order Quantity 10 to Receive a Full Sleeve (10 tins of 20)
$13.29 $16.49
Punch Dad Bod Cigar

Punch Dad Bod

Sold Out
Punch Deluxe Chateau L Cigar

Punch Deluxe Chateau L

$210.99 $264.75
Sold Out
Punch Diablo Brute Cigar

Punch Diablo Brute

$146.99 $183.80
Punch Diablo Diabolus Cigar

Punch Diablo Diabolus

$179.99 $224.75
Punch Diablo Diabolus (5-Pack)

Punch Diablo Diabolus (5-Pack)

$42.75 $40.95
Sold Out
Punch Diablo El Diablo Box Pressed

Punch Diablo El Diablo Box Pressed

$162.99 $203.80
Punch Logo

Punch Diablo Gusto Tubo

$151.99 $189.80
Punch Diablo Scamp Cigar

Punch Diablo Scamp

$165.99 $207.25
Sold Out
Punch Logo

Punch Diablo Stump

$169.99 $212.25
Punch Double Corona Maduro Cigar

Punch Double Corona Maduro

$158.45 $199.75
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