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Picture for category Perdomo Small Batch Sun Grown
Perdomo Small Batch Sun Grown

Perdomo's Small Batch Series first debuted in 2015, featuring three wrapper varieties, including Connecticut, Sun Grown, and Maduro. These cigars notably don a sub-band that dates the blend as a 2005 vintage. This is due to the 10 years' age the tobaccos contained when first released—an impressive feat considering the cigars' affordable price points.

Perdomo Small Batch Sun Grown features a classic Cuban-seed Nicaraguan sun-grown wrapper as its signature ingredient. This leaf has been carefully aged in spent bourbon barrels, adding a deeper level of complexity without verging into infused territory. Under the hood, the blend includes 100% Cuban-seed Nicaraguan leaves, which have been sorted to include smaller, more potent tobacco selections. This allows for enhanced balance and a signature punchy flavor output. The end result is a rich, spicy-sweet concoction, including nuances of red and black pepper, toasted oak, mixed nuts, cinnamon, and freshly roasted coffee beans.