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NUb cigars by Studio Tobac are the ingenious answer to the age-old question, “Why can’t the entire cigar encompass the prized “sweet spot” of a smoking experience?” Indeed, many cigars are often noted for ramping up to a “sweet spot” around the second-third or halfway mark. But, by tinkering with multiple blends and unusual sizes, NUb cigars are acclaimed for providing a kick of satisfying flavors from start to finish!

The traditional NUb cigar line showcases a range of four cigar blends in short and stout sizes—each hovering around 3.5” to 4” with ring gauges around the 60 mark.

  • The NUb Habano displays a classic, Cubanesque experience with a full-bodied edge of flavor.

  • NUb Connecticut uses a golden-hued Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper to delight the palates of mild profiles; highlighting creamy, buttery, and complex nuances.

  • NUb Cameroon is a bit more adventurous, showcasing the highly sought-after African Cameroon wrapper that is known as one of the world’s most rare/expensive varieties to obtain. The profile is medium, with a spicy/sweet palate of coffee, cedar, and cabinet spices.

  • The NUb Maduro introduces the quintessential smoking experience for the hardcore maduro lovers. This blend uses a Brazilian maduro wrapper over Nicaraguan fillers to offer a full body and rich flavor characteristics of dark chocolate, espresso, and dark, toasted nuts.

Outside the traditional collection of NUb cigars, the brand has now expanded to include the Nub Café collection, which offers a mouthwatering variety of coffee-flavored cigars, such as Cappuccino, Espresso, and Macchiato.

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Nub Cafe Double Roast Macchiato 438

$89.99 $107.75
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Nub Cafe Double Roast Macchiato 542

$103.99 $123.00
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Nub Cameroon 358

$98.99 $131.50

Nub Cameroon 460

$103.99 $141.84

Nub Cameroon 464

$136.05 $156.24

Nub Cameroon 466BPT

$130.99 $180.10

Nub Connecticut 354

$103.99 $138.40

Nub Connecticut 358

$141.99 $168.00

Nub Connecticut 460

$142.30 $163.20

Nub Connecticut 464

$154.70 $177.60

Nub Habano 358

$141.99 $168.00

Nub Habano 460

$142.30 $163.20
Sold Out

Nub Habano 460 Tubos

$84.99 $103.80
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Nub Habano 464

$136.05 $156.24

Nub Habano 466

$169.99 $206.16
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Nub Maduro 460

$157.15 $180.24
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Nub Maduro 460 Tubos

$89.85 $103.08

Nub Maduro 464

$169.55 $194.64
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