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Nat Sherman Cigars

Nat Sherman is not only one of the most iconic smoking lounges in the United States, but a maker of luxury cigarettes and premium cigars as well. The lounge was famously established in Manhattan in 1930, which was later moved to 42nd Street in New York City, where it remains to this day. 

The Nat Sherman retail location began as a means to distribute company owner Nat Sherman’s Epoca cigar brand, which was a “clear Havana,” meaning an American-made cigar that utilized Cuban tobaccos. Nat Sherman’s own brand of cigars has since expanded to include upwards of 12 cigar brands, with most being made at the legendary Quesada Cigars factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic, under the watchful eye of Master Blender Manuel Quesada. 

And while the company has maintained a healthy collection of their own, self-branded Nat Sherman cigars at the Nat Sherman lounge for decades, it wasn’t until the tail end of 2011, with the help of Michael Herklots (now Vice President), that Nat Sherman positioned itself as a major player in the national arena, introducing the award-winning Timeless Collection. 

Nat Sherman Timeless Collection earned an impressive placement as Cigar Aficionado’s #10 Cigar of the Year in 2012. This was followed by another Top 25 placement in 2013 and 2014, as well as a Top 25 placement for the Timeless Collection Nicaragua blend in 2015. Other accolades include the 2013 #6 Cigar of the Year from Cigar Dojo (Nat Sherman 1930 Collection), Cigar Dojo’s 2014 Luxury Cigar of the Year (Joel Sherman 75th Celebration), and the impressive ranking as Cigar Dojo’s #1 Cigar of the year for 2014 (Nat Sherman Epoca)!