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Picture for category Micallef Cigars
Micallef Cigars

Micallef Cigars represents the collaboration between two families: Micallef and Sanchez. The company first debuted in 2016, however, through the expertise of the Sanchez family's tobacco expertise, traces their tobacco roots back to 1930s Cuba. It was here that Pedro F. Gómez first apprenticed at a local factory in Pinar del Río at the age of 11. Pedro rose through the cigar-crafting ranks in Havana and later migrated to Mexico. In the years following, the second and third generations of the Sanchez family have carried the torch, today manufacturing Micallef cigars at the family's Gómez Sanchez Family 1934 factory in Nicaragua.

Regal in appearance and performance, Micallef Cigars have a smoking experience for a wide range of palates. The company's cigars showcase diverse tobacco recipes, often utilizing Nicaraguan leaves as a core component. This makes for primarily medium to full-bodied cigars, often operating in the ultra-premium end of the cigar market. Micallef cigars are known for offering a hearty foundation and refined complexities, quickly rising to become a favorite in craft cigar circles around the world.

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Micallef A Cigar

Micallef A

$134.99 $150.00
Micallef A Petite Corona Box

Micallef A Petite Corona

$247.50 $275.00
Micallef Black Robusto

Micallef Black Robusto

$157.49 $175.00
Micallef Black Toro

Micallef Black Toro

$179.99 $200.00
Micallef Collectors Edition

Micallef Collectors Edition

$115.19 $128.00
Micallef Connecticut Robusto Box

Micallef Connecticut Gordo

$295.18 $328.00
Micallef Connecticut Robusto Cigar

Micallef Connecticut Robusto

$215.98 $240.00
Micallef Connecticut Robusto Box

Micallef Connecticut Toro

$247.48 $275.00
Micallef Experiencia La Crema Gordo Cigar

Micallef Experiencia La Crema Gordo

$233.98 $260.00
Micallef Experiencia La Crema Toro Cigar

Micallef Experiencia La Crema Toro

$215.98 $240.00
Micallef Gordo Sampler (5-Pack)

Micallef Gordo Sampler (5-Pack)

$31.49 $35.00
Micallef Grande Bold Mata Fina 660MF
Micallef Herencia Habano Toro Cigar

Micallef Herencia Habano Toro

$270.00 $300.00
Micallef Herencia Habano Torpedo Cigar

Micallef Herencia Habano Torpedo

$208.06 $231.20
Micallef Herencia Maduro Toro Cigar

Micallef Herencia Maduro Toro

$269.98 $300.00
Micallef Leyenda No. 2 Cigar

Micallef Leyenda No. 2

$134.99 $150.00
Micallef Leyenda Robusto Cigar

Micallef Leyenda Robusto

$236.23 $262.50
Micallef Leyenda Toro Cigar

Micallef Leyenda Toro

$258.73 $287.50
Micallef Migdalia Corona

Micallef Migdalia Corona

$129.59 $144.00
Micallef Migdalia Toro Cigar

Micallef Migdalia Toro

$237.58 $264.00
Micallef Mixed Sampler (5-Pack)

Micallef Mixed Sampler (5-Pack)

$35.99 $40.00
Micallef Reata Churchill Cigar

Micallef Reata Churchill

$284.83 $316.50
Micallef Reata Corona Extra Cigar

Micallef Reata Corona Extra

$236.23 $262.50
Micallef Reata Toro Cigar

Micallef Reata Toro

$247.48 $275.00
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