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La Palina Cigars

La Palina Cigars got its start in 2010... er, was it 1896? You see, this is a unique story in the premium cigar space, as Bill Paley, grandson of Sam Paley, resurrected his grandfather's company more than 100 years after its humble beginnings in the 19th century. Sam's company was actually named Congress Cigar Company, whose premier cigar line was named La Palina. Sadly, the company was liquidated with Sam's retirement in 1926, waiting patiently until its modern-day revival.

In 2010, Bill Paley set out to pay homage to the family legacy, reintroducing La Palina as a luxury name within the premium cigar space. Studying imagery of the original La Palina cigars, Bill used an engraving of his grandmother to give a vintage feel to La Palina, which is seen on many of the company's original releases (and continues still, to this day, on their more premium lines). La Palina's first offerings were rolled in the Bahamas and offered an ultra-premium performance (and price tag to match). This strategy continued as the brand moved to the US, releasing the beloved Goldie series out of the boutique-minded El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. This cigar continues as a limited/annual release to this day, being one of the more anticipated luxury releases each year.

But La Palina has since expanded to include a wide range of smoking experiences for cigar enthusiasts of all walks of life, having their cigars rolled at many of the industry's most respected factories throughout Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras. The brand maintains a classic, timeless feel, though is not afraid to mix it up with grittier cigars (both in look and profile) as well, such as the graphic Kill Bill series. La Palina cigars now range from the ultra premium to the everyday dependables, being known for balance and (perhaps more than) a touch of nostalgia.

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La Palina Fuego Verde Robusto Cigar

La Palina Fuego Verde Robusto

$108.00 $120.00
La Palina Kill Bill Part Four Cigar

La Palina Kill Bill Part Four

$310.48 $345.00
La Palina Kill Bill Part One Cigar

La Palina Kill Bill Part One

$202.48 $225.00
La Palina Kill Bill Part Three Cigar

La Palina Kill Bill Part Three

$276.73 $307.50
La Palina Kill Bill Part Two Cigar

La Palina Kill Bill Part Two

$242.98 $270.00
La Palina Kill Bill TXX Cigar

La Palina Kill Bill TXX

$337.50 $375.00
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