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Picture for category Julio R. Eiroa Cigars
Julio R. Eiroa Cigars

JRE Tobacco Company debuted in the summer of 2015, nestled within the CLE Cigar Company booth at the 2015 IPCPR trade show. The brand was the handiwork of cigar legend Julio R. Eiroa and his son Justro, housed (temporarily) within Julio's younger son's (Christian Eiroa) rapidly expanding CLE portfolio.

But JRE had bigger plans, and the father-son duo ventured out on their own in 2016, featuring a solid lineup of three cigar brands: Aladino (most premium), Rancho Luna (mid-grade), and Tatascan (value-priced). The cigars intentionally forgo fancy packaging and bells and whistles, instead focusing entirely on Julio's famed Corojo and Habano tobacco from his farm in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras.

Eiroa's prized possession is his Authentic Corojo tobacco—a seed he began cultivation in the mid-1990s, when he owned Camacho Cigars. This seed is essentially an authentic strain from Cuba's heyday (late '40s through early '60s), which he has carefully cultivated to smoke like Cuban cigars from this era. Benefitting from complete vertical integration, JRE Tobacco Co. is able to control the entire process, from seed to smoke, allowing cigar enthusiasts the chance to smoke something pure, something genuine, something fantastic.

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Aladino Cameroon Gordo Cigar

Aladino Cameroon Gordo

$210.49 $234.00
Sold Out
Aladino Cameroon Lonsdale Cigar

Aladino Cameroon Lonsdale

$183.49 $204.00
Sold Out
Aladino Cameroon Queens Perfecto Cigar

Aladino Cameroon Queens Perfecto

$143.99 $160.00
Sold Out
Aladino Cameroon Robusto Cigar

Aladino Cameroon Robusto

$215.99 $240.00
Sold Out
Aladino Cameroon Super Toro Cigar

Aladino Cameroon Super Toro

$228.49 $254.40
Sold Out
Aladino Classic Corona Box

Aladino Classic Corona

$134.99 $150.00
Sold Out
Aladino Classic Gordo Box

Aladino Classic Gordo

$197.99 $220.00
Sold Out
Aladino Classic Robusto Box

Aladino Classic Robusto

$172.49 $192.00
Sold Out
Aladino Classic Toro Box

Aladino Classic Toro

$190.49 $212.00
Sold Out
Aladino Connecticut Churchill

Aladino Connecticut Churchill

$193.99 $216.00
Sold Out
Aladino Connecticut Queens Perfecto
Aladino Connecticut Robusto Cigar

Aladino Connecticut Robusto

$166.99 $186.00
Sold Out
Aladino Connecticut Toro Cigar

Aladino Connecticut Toro

$183.49 $204.00
Sold Out
Aladino Cazador Cigar

Aladino Corojo Cazador

$172.49 $192.00
Sold Out
Aladino Churchill Cigar

Aladino Corojo Churchill

$224.99 $250.00
Sold Out
Aladino Corona Cigar

Aladino Corojo Corona

$134.99 $150.00
Sold Out
Aladino Elegante Cigar

Aladino Corojo Elegante

$188.99 $210.00
Sold Out
Aladino Gordo Cigar

Aladino Corojo Gordo

$233.99 $260.00
Sold Out
Aladino Palmas Cigar

Aladino Corojo Palmas

$147.49 $164.00
Sold Out
Aladino Corojo Reserva Figurado Cigar

Aladino Corojo Reserva Figurado

$152.99 $170.00
Sold Out
Aladino Corojo Reserva No. 4 Cigar

Aladino Corojo Reserva No. 4

$179.99 $200.00
Sold Out
Aladino Corojo Reserva Robusto Cigar

Aladino Corojo Reserva Robusto

$242.99 $270.00
Sold Out
Aladino Corojo Reserva Toro Cigar

Aladino Corojo Reserva Toro

$278.99 $310.00
Sold Out
Aladino Robusto Cigar

Aladino Corojo Robusto

$180.00 $200.00
Sold Out
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