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Inch Colorado by E.P. Carrillo

Since the late '90s / early 2000s, Ernesto Perez-Carrillo has established his prominence in the space of large-gauged smoking experiences. He then doubled down on the gordo format after introducing his self-titled EPC Cigar Co. in 2009, pushing boundaries of cigar dimensions with the EPC INCH brand.

The INCH cigar is so loyal to the gordo format, the cigar's dimensions are in the title! That's right, ring gauges are measured by 1/64 of an inch; in other words, a 64 ring gauge is a full inch in diameter. Not only does Carrillo cleverly use a ruler for the cigar's band, but nearly all cigars in the lineup weigh in at 64 ring gauge or larger.

The original INCH Natural cigar is now followed by the heartier INCH Colorado cigar, showcasing higher-priming tobaccos in order to bring full flavor and intensity. This begins with an Ecuadorian Colorado wrapper, draped over a Nicaraguan binder and fillers of Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Q: What does the INCH Colorado cigar taste like?

A: INCH Colorado by E.P. Carrillo cigar is large and booming with flavor and intensity. These gordo-sized behemoths offer a clean draw, voluminous smoke output, and dependable construction. This makes for a no-brainer addition to your humidor, lighting up with zesty flavors of sun-dried red pepper, cedar, nutmeg, and roasted nuts.