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Picture for category Illusione Singulare
Illusione Singulare

Often times, when the flavor-craved enthusiast goes about tackling a given brand or cigar factory, they will first pinpoint the target's crown jewel in hopes to uncover their signature flavor component. For Illusione Cigars, such a quest would lead one to the Illusione Singularé cigar brand.

Illusione first launched the limited Singularé series with the Singularé Phantom cigar in 2010. Originally intended to be a one-off, the cigar was followed semi-annually for the next decade, with each release utilizing different sizes and altered blends—essentially showcasing the best expression that owner, Dion Giolito, could muster on a yearly basis.

In 2016, Giolito did what was previously though not possible, bringing back nearly every Illusione Singularé release... FULL TIME! So, while new Singularé cigar experiences are still occasionally debuted, the legendary original releases are here to stay.

What do Illusione Singularé cigars taste like?

While all are different—with each unique blend being rolled in a unique size to showcase the ideal experience—Singularé cigars generally perform in the medium-bodied range, offering peak complexity for the seasoned cigar palate.

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Illusione Singulare Origen Churchill Cigar

Illusione Singulare Origen Churchill

$180.49 $201.00
Illusione Singulare Origen Gordo Cigar

Illusione Singulare Origen Gordo

$177.99 $198.00
Illusione Singulare Origen Robusto Cigar

Illusione Singulare Origen Robusto

$169.99 $188.00
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