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How to Perform a V-Cut on a Cigar

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Perfect for:

Needed Tools:

How to Perform the Cigar Cut:

Step 1: Prepare Cigar: Unwrap the cigar.

V-Cut Step 1

Step 2: Prepare Cigar Cutter: Begin by placing the head or top of the cigar in the opening of the V-cut blade. Make sure you are only taking the top 3-4 mm (1/10th of an inch), don’t go below the shoulder of the cigar.

V-Cut Step 2

Step 3: Cut Cigar: Once you have lined the cigar, close the cutter quickly - the quicker and firmer you do this the cleaner the cut.

V-Cut Step 3

Step 4: Clean Cigar: Use the napkin to collect all of the cut end and remove existing residue as needed.

V-Cut Step 4

Step 5: Light your Cigar.

V-Cut Step 5

Step 6: Enjoy your cigar!

V-Cut Step 6

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