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How to Perform a V-Cut on a Cigar

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How To Perform a V Cut

How To Perform a V Cut

Knowing how to properly cut your cigar is a vital aspect to having the most enjoyable cigar smoking experience possible. The cigar cutter you choose will impact how much smoke you get from each draw in addition to how long you will spend enjoying that cigar.

Every cigar aficionado has their own preferences, but in this tutorial we will cover one of the more selective methods, the ‘V-cut’ method for your cigar. The V-Cut is a less used version of cutting your cigar, but may result in the most enjoyable smoking experience. This cut does just what it says, cutting a ‘V’ out of the top, or cap, of your cigar.

If you are looking to expand you methods of smoking Premium Cigars, look no further than this tutorial on How to Perform a V-Cut.

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Step 1: Prepare your cigar! Choose the right cigar for you, remove the cigar from the cellophane wrapper if there is one and make sure you have your straight cutter, and a napkin if you so choose, close by.

V Cut 2

The first step to cutting your cigar is making sure you have the right cigar as well as preparing it. Only smaller ring gauge cigars such as a corona cannot be cut with a V-Cutter, though we do not recommend cutting a tapered cigarcigars either until you are more accustomed to this method.

Best start with a more standard shape like a Churchill or Gigante if you are still new to the method. While not as universal or simple as a straight cutter many Cigar Snobs think this method of cutting a cigar to be the most enjoyable. Most Premium Cigars today include a paper band around it that markets and differentiates their cigars from others.

You also have the option of leaving the cigar band on or taking it off. Originally used to hold cigars together, bands are primarily used for decoration and marketing now. Some Premium Cigar connoisseurs make a point of collecting these bands as a way to remember all the cigars they smoked.

Step 2: Prepare to cut your cigar! For a V cutter you will have to open the blade, and line the opening with the head of the cigar. Your V-Cutter should have a depression around the blade that you will put the cigar in.

V Cut 2

Before cutting your cigar you will need to ensure that the blade on your cutter is sharp, test this with your thumb or forefinger. Should you feel any chips or dullness on the blade you will want to get a new cutter. You only get one shot to cut your cigar so the blade being sharp is essential.

Should it start to feel dull shop around for one of the great cigar cutters Payless has to offer, just remember the more you spend on a cutter the longer it will likely last. We recommend buying a top brand cutter, like the Xikar or Colibri, if you want to make your money last.

After making sure your cutter is plenty sharp and your cigar is ready begin to line the open cutter up with the head of your cigar. Many cigar smokers will moisten the tip of the cigar slightly prior to cutting as they believe it allows for a smoother cut. Your cigar should naturally line up withof with the opening of the cutter, though precision will still be key.

Step 3: Cut your cigar! If one fluid motion, close the blades of your cutter. This should cut a V shape out of the top of your cigar, test the draw to make sure it feels right.

V Cut 3

When using a V cutter like all others, make sure your cutting motion is smooth and precise. You will quickly close the blades of your cutter and viola your cigar has been cut! The cap, or top of your cigar should haveshould be have a V shape cut off, test the draw of your cigar to make sure your cut was done correctly.

We do not recommend double cutting this cigar as it will not make much of a difference and may split the wrapper. Those who do this are typically looking for a more smoked filled puff, though it is not necessary by any means.

Cigar cutting is a one-shot job, so you will want to be confident in cutting your cigar. Hesitation can be the difference between a split wrapper and a pristine cut.

Step 4: Clean your cigar! You may see extra tobacco around the edge of your cigar. Lightly brush these bits away to avoid getting tobacco bits in your mouth.

V Cut 4

Using a napkin or paper towel, you will want to collect any bits of tobacco that dropped and throw them away. Additionally, it is a good idea to brush any hanging tobacco bits off the head of the cigar to avoid getting this in your mouth.

Step 5: Light your cigar! You will lightly burn the edge of your cigar while you are puffing on it. You don’t want to be overly aggressive

V Cut 5

The next step is to light your cigar; of which there are numerous different techniques each cigar enthusiast will use. Here at Payless we prefer using a simple butane torch lighter, which variesvary in number of flames, cost, size, and quality.

However, there are those out there that prefer to use matches, cedar, or even regular soft flame lighters. To each theirthere own we say, whatever you enjoy, go with itwith!

If you are just looking for the basics, lighting a cigar is an easy step on your way to enjoying a nice smoke. Put the cigar in your mouth, that is the side you just finished cutting, that is. You will lightly draw on this end of the cigar while using a lighter to light the foot gently.

You will not be looking to engulf the entire foot of the cigar in the flame, instead only burning it with the edge of the flame. As you go you may need to lightly puff while lighting to fully light the cigar, it should be a glowing black/orange ember as opposed to scorched white.

Step 6: Enjoy your cigar! Whether pairing your cigar with your favorite beverage or doing yard work, there is no wrong way to light one up and have a good time!

V Cut 1

Finally, you are ready to kick back and enjoy your cigar doing whatever you like! We recommend back enjoying your cigar with your favorite beverage, which can sometimes perfectly complementcompliments the tasting notes of what you are smoking.

If you are new to smoking cigars just remember that cigar smoking is a by no means a race. You want to let the smoke to linger in your mouth instead of inhaling each puff, it is no issue to put your cigar down in an ashtray, you are in no rush to finish.

Most premium cigars burn for anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 plus hours, you may have to relight your cigar while enjoying it and that is perfectly normal. Whatever method you choose will be right for you, now enjoy!

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