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How to cut a cigar using a cigar cutter

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Needed Tools:

How to perform the cutting of the cigar

Step 1: Choose a Cigar Cutter Type: You will first need to pick out what style of cigar cutter you want. Your options consist of:

  • Straight Cutter
  • V-Cutter
  • Punch Cutter

How to Cut Step 1

Step 2: Choose Cigar: Get the cigar of your choice.

How To Cut Step 2

Step 3: Cut Cigar: Use your preferred cutter method and proceed with creating a smokable opening in your cigar.

How To Cut Step 3

Step 4: Remove Cut & Residue: Remove the end of the cut piece of cigar and dust off residue.

Test Draw: Test the draw by placing the cigar on your lips and inhaling. If your draw is not to your standards, repeat step 3.

How To Cut Step 5

Step 5: Light your cigar.

How To Cut Step 5

Step 6: Enjoy your cigar!

How To Cut Step 6

What are the different cutter types?

A straight cut is like giving your cigar a flat top haircut.

  • You evenly take off the top portion of your cigar.
  • A straight cut will cut any size/shape of cigar.
  • Comes as a Single blade, perfect cut, or double blade.
  • Here is how to perform a Straight Cut.

A V-Cut creates a V shape for the head, or the top of your cigar.

  • Results in a consistent draw on every cigar you cut.
  • Is great for beginners.
  • Will not cut every shape of cigar.
  • Here is how to perform a V-Cut.

A Punch Cut punctures a little hole out of the head of your cigar.

  • Small and portable, can usually get them as a key chain
  • Great for beginners to avoid unraveling the wrapper.
  • Here is how to perform a Punch Cut.

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