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I love a Gurkha - You love a Gurkha - Everyone loves a Gurkha!!

Now you can try 6 different amazing cigars in this Gurkha Sampler Pack!

This Gurkha sampler 6 pack includes one each:

1 Gurkha Heritage Maduro Toro Cigar
1 Gurkha Marquesa Toro Cigar
1 Gurkha Royal Challenge Toro Cigar
1 Gurkha Havana Legend Toro Cigar
1 Gurkha Cellar Reserve Platinum 12 Year Toro Cigar
1 Gurkha Heritage Toro Cigar

Cigar sampler packs are a great way to mix things up or find a new favorite cigar. At Payless, we have cheap prices and a huge selection of great, premium cigars - so find what you like in this Gurkha Toro Sample - maybe one or two of your next favorite cigars are right here in this 6-pack! If you love it, let us know in a cigar review. When we know what you like and why, we can strive to discover and stock more variations and varieties.

Get the Facts:
Attribute nameAttribute value
Qty Per Unit6
Unit TypeSampler Pack, Fresh Pack
WrapperVarious, Various
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