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Eriksen Keystone Filter Pipes

Eriksen Filter pipe made by Nording in Denmark. The stem and shank (bottom base) is made of hard nylon plastic, The bottom part has room for adding the Nording Keystones. These high absorbing volcanic clay pellets can be used in any kind of pipe and will absorb excess condensation, while you smoke. Just put some Keystones into the bowl and fill it with tobacco. It also gives you a better chance of smoking the entire load of tobacco as there will be no foul tasting wet tobacco in the bottom of the chamber. The bowl is made of real briar wood and is available in different finishes. The draught hole is in the middle of the bowl and not in the side as in "normal pipes". The construction of the bottom base (shank and stem) combined with the keystones and placement of the draught hole ensures you a cool and dry smoke and no tobacco waste. A rubber band around the bottom part of the bowl makes the bowl sit tight. Includes keystones.

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Eriksen Keystone Pipe Natural

Eriksen Keystone - Natural

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