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Drew Estate Acid Krush Red Cameroon Cigarillos (10 pack tin)

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The Drew Estate Acid Krush Red cigar is a quick taste of the amazing ACID flavor, offered in a small, 4×32 easy-to-smoke format. This medium-strength Cigarillo features a Cameroon wrapper, and like the rest of the line, is infused with the botanicals, herbs, and oils that Drew Estate has always used to make the Acid line famous!

Popular for its small size, and flush in one-of-a-kind taste, Acid Krush Red cigarillos are sure to satisfy your cravings with their very special blend of spice, and with the overall earthiness of this cigar. It may be small, but Acid Krush Red cigarillos will surely satisfy you, without having to commit to a longer smoke time. This is a go-to cigar to fit in great flavor in a quick break throughout the day.

The Drew Estate Acid Krush Red cigar comes in a pack of 10 cigarillos. The pack features the classic ACID Rider silhouetted against an orange and yellow background with the Red Cameroon flavor noted on the upper right side. The particular flavor of the Red is preferred by people who enjoy a quick, bold but grounded, earthy smoking experience. Order yourself a pack today and have it delivered directly to your door, for a stress-free, relaxing smoking experience. If you do, please leave us a cigar review, to tell us about your experience with this amazing Drew Estate Acid Krush Red Cameroon Cigarillos.

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Country of OriginNicaragua
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