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Diamond Crown #6 Figurado Maduro

Brand: Diamond Crown
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This unique, specially-shaped figurado cigar is truly a work of fine art! Sometimes, a box of 15 maduro figurado cigars, with a medium to full flavor is just what you need to bring the sense of beauty back into your life!

With premium aged tobacco binders & fillers from the Dominican Republic, covered in a dark brown twice-fermented Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper - this is a very special cigar. The Diamond Crown No.6 Figurado Maduro is the maduro-lover's maduro! The taste is smooth on the palate with mellow complexities of toasted almonds & black pepper and hints of dried fruit, vanilla, and oakwood. If you like maduro cigars, this is one of the best!

If you have tried other shapes of this Diamond Crown No.6 line, you can already appreciate the amazing taste, but if you have not tried it in the figurado format, you are missing out. The figurado is a special format cigar, because it features a tapered head. Cigar aficionados describe the taste of figurado cigars as a “journey of flavors”! If you are a smoker who is picky about your cigar size, then the figurado might be worth a try - and in terms of maduros, this is one of the best deals you can find, and of course, it carries the great reputation of Diamond Crown No.6!

When you try it, leave us a review to let us know what you think! Do figurado cigars deserve the hype?

Get the Facts:
Country of Origin Dominican Republic
Wrapper Maduro
Length 6
Gauge 46
Shape Figurado
Unit Type Box
Qty Per Unit 15
Strength Medium
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