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Picture for category Cusano Cigars
Cusano Cigars

Cusano Cigars has operated since 1995, when Michael Chiusano founded the company following a trip to the Dominican Republic. Michael was joined by his brother Joe, with the duo focusing on crafting affordable cigars that took on profiles similar to that of Cuban cigars.

Since 1997, the bulk of Cusano's cigars have been rolled at Hendrik "Henke" Kelner's (of Davidoff Cigars fame) TabaDom facilities in the Dominican Republic. With Kelner's close ties to Davidoff, it came as little surprise when Cusano Cigars was purchased by Oettinger Davidoff AG in 2009, joining the likes of other familiar brand acquisitions such as AVO Cigars and Camacho.

Cusano cigars continue to be rolled by Kelner to this day, making use of his prized Dominican tobacco at the core of each blend. The cigars come in traditional box packaging, as well as the more budget-friendly, bundle-wrapped variants of Cusano cigars. For those that enjoy Davidoff or AVO cigars (or Cuban and Dominican smoking profiles, for that matter), Cusano cigars make for an attractive alternative, offering medium-bodied, dependable smoking experiences without breaking the bank.

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Cusano 18 Double Connecticut Churchill Cigar

Cusano 18 Double Connecticut Churchill

$115.99 $144.00
Cusano 18 Double Connecticut Gordo Cigar

Cusano 18 Double Connecticut Gordo

$97.99 $140.40
Cusano 18 Double Connecticut Robusto Cigar

Cusano 18 Double Connecticut Robusto

$102.99 $122.40
Cusano 18 Double Connecticut Toro Cigar

Cusano 18 Double Connecticut Toro

$115.99 $127.80
Cusano 18 Maduro Churchill Cigar

Cusano 18 Maduro Churchill

$112.99 $144.00
Cusano 18 Maduro Gordo Cigar

Cusano 18 Maduro Gordo

$97.99 $140.40
Cusano 18 Maduro Robusto Cigar

Cusano 18 Maduro Robusto

$102.99 $122.40
Cusano 18 Maduro Toro Cigar

Cusano 18 Maduro Toro

$115.99 $127.80
Cusano CC 660 Cigar Bundle

Cusano CC 660

$52.70 $78.00
Cusano CC Churchill Cigar Bundle

Cusano CC Churchill

$48.65 $72.00
Cusano CC Corona Bundle

Cusano CC Corona

$40.54 $60.00
Cusano CC Robusto Cigar Bundle

Cusano CC Robusto

$40.54 $60.00
Cusano CC Torpedo Bundles

Cusano CC Torpedo

$48.65 $72.00
Cusano M1 660 Cigar

Cusano M1 660

$52.70 $78.00
Cusano M1 Churchill Cigar

Cusano M1 Churchill

$48.65 $72.00
Cusano M1 Corona Cigar

Cusano M1 Corona

$40.54 $60.00
Cusano M1 Robusto Cigar

Cusano M1 Robusto

$40.54 $60.00
Cusano M1 Torpedo Bundles

Cusano M1 Torpedo

$48.65 $72.00
Cusano MC 660 Cigar

Cusano MC 660

$52.70 $78.00
Cusano MC Churchill Cigar

Cusano MC Churchill

$48.65 $72.00
Cusano MC Corona Cigar

Cusano MC Corona

$40.54 $60.00
Cusano MC Robusto Cigar

Cusano MC Robusto

$40.54 $60.00
Cusano MC Torpedo Cigar

Cusano MC Torpedo

$48.65 $72.00
Cusano P1 Maduro 660 Cigar

Cusano P1 Maduro 660

$52.70 $78.00
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