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Colibri Gotham Triple Flame Lighter With V-Cutter - Blue & Black (LI970C5)

Brand: Colibri
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Colibri Gotham Triple Flame Lighter is a blue colored jet lighter with a built-in v-cutter. Works up-to 12,000 ft. Order today for low prices & quick shipping!
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This blue Colibri Gotham Triple Flame Lighter is a stunner! Vibrant blue and black, with a blue fule window just above the Colibri insignia - this jet lighter really looks cheerful, fun, and energetic!

The Gotham jet lighter has three flames that come together to make lighting any cigar or pipe quick and simple. It runs on butane, which makes it reliable and wind-resistant, and the window on the front lets you see when the butane needs to be refilled. It also works at elevations up to 12,000 ft, which means that it can keep up and maintain performance in any location, from the beach to the mountains, to just in your back yard or car - you will love it! It even has textured spots on both sides of the exterior, to make it easier to hold and use without slipping. The blue color will remind you of hope, joy, and abundance - like the sky and the ocean; totally worth the investment for the uplifting and bright inspiration that it contributes.

When it comes to smoking accessories and torch lighters for pipes and cigars, Colibri is one of the best brands on the market - positive reviews across the web agree. They are reliable, and often include a variety of different features and benefits. In this case, the lighter actually has a built-in v-cutter.

Best Features:

  • Wind-resistant
  • Triple-jet flame
  • Integrated V-Cut cigar cutter
  • Blue fuel window
  • Altitude tested 12,000 ft.

Do yourself a favor and order this Colibri Gotham Triple Flame Lighter in blue today. You won't regret it. We have great, everyday low prices, quick shipping, and great customer service. And if you like it, please come back and leave us a review to let us know where and when you find this excellent lighter the most valuable.

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