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Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba is among the most well-known cigar brands in the world; with its inspiration coming from the Cuban-native Taíno Indians’ word for “tobacco.” Differing from most non-Cuban versions of Cuban cigars, Cohiba is not a pre-revolution brand (as most pre-revolution brand owners fled Cuba and established their names elsewhere). Cohiba is unique in that the name was a result of the revolution; with the notorious Fidel Castro bringing the brand into existence, using a local blend he’d discovered in the mid-’60s.

Not long after, the General Cigar Company introduced Cohiba to the American market, using their own blend of Cohiba, made in the Dominican Republic. For this reason, Cohiba is one of the only non-Cuban iterations with a completely different look. The cigars have become well-known for the distinct red dot used in the “O” of Cohiba, and are colloquially known as "Red Dot Cohiba" to more easily identify the two unique Cohiba brands.

For General Cigar Company’s Cohiba blend, they offer some of the highest quality tobaccos within their vast tobacco inventories. A select, Cameroon wrapper, and an Indonesian binder, secure three varieties of Cuban-seed, Dominican tobacco. The three-country blend provides a diverse complexity that has made Cohiba a go-to choice for connoisseurs since its introduction in the ‘80s. Cohiba offers a body that is slightly under medium, with lush flavors that fall within the medium/full range. Flavors are nutty and spicy, offering glimpses of heavy caramel, cream, and even subtle toffee notes.

A supreme treat for intermediate and advanced smokers alike.

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Cohiba Black Churchill Cigar

Cohiba Black Churchill

$420.73 $624.75
Sold Out
Cohiba Black Corona Cigar

Cohiba Black Corona

$318.35 $474.75
Sold Out
Cohiba Black Pequenos (5 tins of 6)
Cohiba Black Robusto Crystal Cigar

Cohiba Black Robusto Crystal

$123.71 $183.92
Sold Out
Cohiba Black Supremo Cigar

Cohiba Black Supremo

$402.85 $599.75
Sold Out
Cohiba Black Toro (5-Pack)

Cohiba Black Toro (5-Pack)

$99.50 $115.00
Sold Out
Cohiba Blue 7x70

Cohiba Blue 7x70

$186.99 $224.85
Cohiba Blue Churchill Cigar

Cohiba Blue Churchill

$220.99 $265.80
Sold Out
Cohiba Blue Pequenos (5 Tins of 6)
Cohiba Blue Robusto Cigar

Cohiba Blue Robusto

$197.99 $237.80
Sold Out
Cohiba Blue Robusto Tubo Cigar

Cohiba Blue Robusto Tubo

$213.99 $257.80
Sold Out
Cohiba Blue Rothschild Cigar

Cohiba Blue Rothschild

$175.99 $213.80
Cohiba Blue Toro Cigar

Cohiba Blue Toro

$207.99 $249.80
Sold Out
Cohiba Churchill

Cohiba Churchill

$417.48 $619.75
Cohiba Logo

Cohiba Connecticut Gigante

$415.99 $499.80
Cohiba Logo

Cohiba Connecticut Robusto

$375.99 $451.80
Sold Out
Cohiba Logo

Cohiba Connecticut Robusto Crystal

$190.99 $229.90
Cohiba Logo

Cohiba Connecticut Toro

$397.99 $479.80
Sold Out
Cohiba Connecticut Toro (5-Pack)

Cohiba Connecticut Toro (5-Pack)

$112.00 $124.45
Sold Out
Cohiba Corona Cigar

Cohiba Corona

$315.10 $469.75
Sold Out
Cohiba Corona Minor Cigar

Cohiba Corona Minor

$233.85 $349.75
Cohiba Crystal Corona Cigar In Tube

Cohiba Crystal Corona

$285.62 $411.80
Sold Out
Cohiba Macassar Double Corona Cigar

Cohiba Macassar Double Corona

$281.99 $339.90
Sold Out
Cohiba Macassar Gigante Cigar

Cohiba Macassar Gigante

$263.99 $293.90
Sold Out
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