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CAO Cigars cigar category
CAO Cigars

While CAO Cigars is often looked upon as one of the major pioneers in the realm of chic, contemporary brands for the modern cigar enthusiast, most hobbyists will be surprised to learn the brand dates back—way back—to1968! One look at the brand’s clean logo or heavily-lacquered packaging might have someone believing the brand produces futuristic electronics—instead of the time-honored art of cigar craftsmanship, steeped in time-honored traditions and physical skill.

The brand was built by Cano A. Ozgener (C.A.O.), a Turkish-American engineer, whose business focused primarily on pipes and humidors until the brand finally caught attention as a cigar manufacturer during the great cigar boom of the mid-90s. Not only did CAO transform from pipe-makers to cigar artisans, but the brand also went through a variety of manufacturing changes — moving operations from Honduras, to Costa Rica, and then to Nicaragua. CAO cigars have also worked with notable names such as the Plasencia, Perdomo, Toraño, and more, to develop and hone their flavor profiles and offerings! Eventually, the family-owned CAO was purchased by cigar juggernaut Scandinavian Tobacco Group—putting the Nashville-based brand on the worldwide stage.

Now, armed with a huge variety of ultra-premium and aged tobaccos from parent company STG, CAO now continues to develop innovative smoking experiences, supported with unparalleled marketing and PR. The CAO lineup can be boiled down to four categories: Classic, Flavours, New Age, and World cigars. This framework allows the brand to cover the complete flavor profile gamut—offering traditional smoking experiences through the Classic line (Pilón, La Traviata, CAO Gold), imaginative and flavored experiences with the Flavours line (Cherrybomb, Moontrance, Solfyre), ultra-modern and unorthodox experiences with the New Age line (Flathead, Concert, MX2), and exotic sensations from the World series (Amazon Basin, Brazilia, Colombia). We love CAO cigars, and we know you will too!

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CAO 60 Torque

CAO 60 Torque

$69.00 $100.00
CAO America Landmark Cigar

CAO America Landmark

$142.47 $189.80
Sold Out
CAO America Monument Cigar

CAO America Monument

$126.52 $169.80
CAO America Potomac Cigar

CAO America Potomac

$116.08 $159.80
CAO Arcana Firewalker Box

CAO Arcana Firewalker

CAO Arcana Mortal Coil Cigar

CAO Arcana Mortal Coil

$175.99 $219.80
CAO Bella Vanilla Cigarillo Tin
CAO Bella Vanilla Corona Cigar

CAO Bella Vanilla Corona

$107.99 $153.80
Sold Out
CAO Bella Vanilla Petit Corona Cigar

CAO Bella Vanilla Petit Corona

$101.99 $147.25
CAO Bella Vanilla Tubos

CAO Bella Vanilla Tubos

$68.99 $95.80
Sold Out
CAO Bones Blind Hughie Toro Cigar

CAO Bones Blind Hughie Toro

$149.99 $165.80
CAO Bones Chicken Foot Robusto Cigar

CAO Bones Chicken Foot Robusto

$140.99 $155.80
CAO Bones Chicken Foot Robusto (5-Pack)
CAO Bones Maltese Cross Gigante Cigar

CAO Bones Maltese Cross Gigante

$167.99 $185.80
CAO Bones Matador Churchill Cigar

CAO Bones Matador Churchill

$159.99 $175.80
CAO Bones Matador Churchill (5-Pack)
CAO Brazilia Amazon Cigar

CAO Brazilia Amazon

$142.47 $189.80
Sold Out
CAO Brazilia Box-Press Cigar

CAO Brazilia Box-Press

$120.99 $169.80
CAO Brazilia Gol! Cigar

CAO Brazilia Gol!

$116.00 $159.80
Sold Out
CAO Brazilia Lambada Cigar

CAO Brazilia Lambada

$113.47 $153.80
Sold Out
CAO Brazilia Minis (5 packs of 20)

CAO Brazilia Minis (5 packs of 20)

$64.99 $89.95
CAO Brazilia Samba Cigar

CAO Brazilia Samba

$126.52 $169.80
Sold Out
CAO BX3 Coffee

CAO BX3 Coffee

Sold Out
CAO BX3 Gordo Cigar

CAO BX3 Gordo

$167.99 $209.80
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