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Camacho Criollo

Camacho Criollo is the “yin” to the Corojo’s “yang”! 

When Camacho famously relaunched the entire brand in 2013, not only were cigars given new names and new looks, but the lineup was reduced to a simplistic collection of color-coordinated cigars, named for their standout ingredients. Camacho Connecticut is orange and highlighted by Connecticut Shade tobacco, Camacho Corojo is red and boasts Camacho’s prized Corojo tobacco, and Camacho Criollo is yellow, focusing on Honduran-grown Criollo ’98 tobaccos throughout the blend! 

The idea was to craft a modern-day Cuban profile, accomplished by the Cuban-seed Criollo hybrid used for the cigar’s wrapper. This is complimented by Camacho’s prized Original Corojo for the binder and a combination of Criollo ’98 and Dominican Piloto Cubano in the filler. The resulting smoking experience pulls back the reins from the full intensity of Camacho Corojo, instead showing a more well-rounded experience of spice and sweetness. Experience spicy/sweet notes of crushed black and red pepper, sweet cedar, honey, and cocoa.