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Picture for category Camacho Corojo Candela
Camacho Corojo Candela

Over the years, Camacho has occasionally brought out their special-edition Camacho Candela cigar, typically timed in conjunction with the St. Paddy's Day season to fit the bright green wrapper and packaging.

The Camacho Candela cigar is built atop the company's core-line Camacho Corojo cigar, meaning the binder and filler are Honduran-grown Authentic Corojo grown from the original Cuban strain. Setting the cigar apart is the head-turning candela wrapper, which gets its appearance from being flash cured over charcoal fire, locking in the chlorophyll that gives the plant its color pre-harvest.

What does the Camacho Candela cigar taste like?

So we know it's green, but how's it taste? Well, not like your grandaddy's candela, that's for sure! This Camacho Candela cigar is packed with bold flavor, including standout notes of earth, lemon grass, black tea, and aromatic sage.