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Camacho Cigars

It’s the “Bold Standard,” the master of “Everyday Bold Smokes,” the brand that brings “Bold Anytime,” “The Board of the Bold,” and the one that pushes smokers to “Live Loud!” 

This is Camacho Cigars, the world’s leader in bold and in-your-face smoking experiences. As the brand puts it, they’ve been “Infamous Since 1962,” operating one of the world’s most respected cigar factories out of Honduras. 

At the core of Camacho’s bold cigars lies a special seed known as Original Corojo. This is the secret ingredient that gives Camacho cigars their signature punch of spice and flavor; cultivating the actual original Corojo seed that elevated Cuban cigars to a legendary status by the 1940s. After communist nationalization of private business in the ‘60s, Cuba began hybridizing the seed to produce higher yields. Corojo, in its original, raw form, was left in the dust… had it not been for a smuggling of the Cuban seed to Central America! Here, Camacho continues the glory of original Corojo, allowing enthusiasts a peek at the special properties offered from Cuba’s heyday. 

Camacho offers some of the most clean and modernized appearances to contrast their vintage-seed blends. Offering smokers the perfect harmony of complexity and bold intensity!

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