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Brigham Crystal Humidifier - 250

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The Brigham Crystal Humidifier 250 is a pack that contains special gel crystals that are able to absorb up to 450 times their weight in liquid and slowly release it over time to help you manage the humidity in your humidor. The 250 in the name signifies that this option is made for a large or extra-large humidor with up to 250 cigars; (other humidor capacity options are also available).

The pack arrives dry, and you need to add distilled water or Brigham Humidor Solution and watch the crystals expand to absorb enough humidor solution to provide months of effortless humidification and freshness in your humidor.

You can actually watch these amazing humidor crystals expand to absorb enough humidor solution for months of freshness. You'll know when it's time to refill when the crystals shrink to about half their fully-hydrated size.


* Length: 6.20 in. / 157.56 mm

* Width: 2.53 in. / 64.35 *Height: .87 in. / 22.20 mm

* Weight: 5.0 oz. / 93 g

* Climate Sensitive to 70% RH

* Can be filled with distilled water or Brigham Humidor Solution.


Now, you don't have to worry about constantly replacing humidification packs to keep the right level of humidification in your humidor - even for exceptionally large humidors that hold up to 250 cigars! Help your humidor to store, preserve, age, and maintain your favorite cigars for as long as possible with this excellent Crystal Humidifier by Brigham. Brigham is a well-loved and established company in the tobacco industry, and they are known for its great humidification options.

Buy yours now and have a perfectly-aged cigar anytime you want. If you like it, please leave us a product review and share your experience with the Brigham Crystal Humidifier 250 to let us know how it holds up and compares to other humidification options you have tried!

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