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Boveda 75% 320 Gram Humidipak

Brand: Boveda
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The Boveda 75% RH, 320-gram pack is designed for humidors of all sizes - ranging from small, 25 cigar humidors to large, 150 cigar humidors. This 75% RH option accommodates a high amount of moisture loss, allowing a cigar humidor to maintain proper RH (Relative Humidity). These packs last up to 6x longer than any previous Boveda humidification pack. Its 2-way humidity control will help your humidors get the perfect level of humidity to preserve your cigars as long as possible, without you having to micro-manage the process.


*Pack Dimensions: 6.75" x 5" x 0.82"

*Equivalent to over 5 Large Boveda packs


This humidity pack is great for cigar lovers who prefer a more-humidified cigar, and for those who are in an area with challenging weather conditions like low humidity or high altitude. Boveda is well-known for producing top-notch humidity packets, and the Boveda 320-gram pouch is a great option. Order yours today and store your favorite cigars without the worry of them going bad or getting stale. Once you have used it, please remember to come back and leave us a product review, to share your experience with the Boveda 75%, 320-gram Pack, and let us know how it leveled up your cigar storage game!

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