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Boveda 72% 8 Gram Humidipak (10 packs per unit)

Brand: Boveda
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Boveda 8-gram 72% RH Humidipaks are for smaller enclosed spaces, like travel humidors and small humidor bags with 5 cigar capacities. (For desktop humidors, you'll want the 60-gram Boveda).

When it is in an enclosed container, the Boveda pack adjusts the ambient RH (relative humidity) and adds or removes moisture to maintain the specific RH that the pack is designed for. It is actually impossible for these Boveda humidification packs to humidify beyond the RH on the pack, which is part of what makes these Humidipaks so great - With these, it's actually impossible to humidify "too much" so in this case, not over 72% RH.

The life of any Boveda humidification pack depends on how hard it has to work, giving up moisture in the humidor. When there are very few soft spots left in the Boveda pack, it's time for a replacement. We have the best prices and quick shipping, so what are you waiting for?

Order your Boveda 8-gram Humidipaks today and have top-notch humidification in your humidor without breaking the bank. If you like it, please leave us a product review and share your experience and let people know how the Boveda 8-grams 72% RH Humidipak helped you maintain your lovely cigars!


Note: Do not mix Boveda RH levels within the same humidor, and do not use Boveda Humidipak in the same humidor with other humidification products. They will fight against each other and reduce the efficiency of the Boveda humidification overall.

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