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Boveda 69% 320 Gram Humidipak

Brand: Boveda
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This humidification pack will get you to 69% RH (Relative Humidity) in a variety of different sizes and types of humidors. Boveda 320-gram Humidipaks are designed for humidors of all sizes, ranging from ones that hold 25 cigars, to ones that hold 150 cigars! 'So convenient! If you are looking for humidification that you can basically set and forget, then this is it!

Boveda is one of the top brands in the humidification business, so you know that you can trust them with your prized cigars. This humidor humidification pouch lasts up to 6x longer than any of the previous Boveda humidification packs, so even though it is a bit more expensive, it is still a fantastic deal. 'Great if you are about to start a period of a lot of travel, or even if you are just going to be busier than normal for a while - this humidipak will save you time!

This 69% RH Boveda Humidipak is:


*Dimensions: 6.75" x 5" x 0.82"

*Equivalent to over 5 large Boveda packs

*320 grams


If you love Boveda but have not tried these Humidipaks then we recommend you try it out in your humidor this time. Save yourself the time and hassle of changing humidification packs every few months, and take advantage of this great option from Boveda. It is offered in a variety of RH options, including this 69% RH option, which is obviously popular. Order today and take advantage of our low prices and fast shipping. If you like it, or it saves you time, energy, and frustration, then please remember to come back and leave us a review.

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