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Boveda 50-Ct Humidor Starter Kit

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If you have a new 50-cigar humidor and are excited to start filling it with fantastic cigars, then we have a perfect kit for you, to make your life easy! It is not a starter kit of cigars - we want you to enjoy picking those all on your own! It is a humidification starter kit by Boveda! The Boveda 50 Ct Humidor Starter Kit includes 8 humidification packs for your humidor. They are individually packed, and they have two different levels of Relative Humidity. This is a great way to moderate the level of humidity when the humidor is still being seasoned, and some for later when it is in the process of being filled and you are transitioning into maintenance mode. The different levels of humidity will also help you get a sense of the new humidor, and how much humidity you will need relative to the cigars that you are storing, to keep things exactly perfect - tuned to your particular tastes and preferences.

Seasoning a humidor is an important process - a bit like seasoning a new cast iron pan - everything that comes out of it will have the unique mark of the special seasoning. The process will set the stage for success - It takes a new, and somewhat sterile or boring humidor, to something that is more unique and personalized. The seasoning process adds moisture to the wood, ensuring that the wood never pulls moisture out of your cigars. The seasoning process is also important for protecting the humidor and everything inside it from potential mold. Like most seasoning processes, you start a bit heavy-handed; in the case of humidification, this means starting with a high, 84% level of Relative Humidity (RH). While some people like or need that level of humidification all the time, most are eventually happier with a slightly lower level of RH, which is why the 72% humidification packs are also included. You get 2 of each, so that should be enough for you to finish the seasoning process, and start getting yourself into some type of ongoing maintenance routine. Humidification packs can last up to 2 months each, once they are activated.


Each Kit Includes (Individually Overwrapped):

• Two Boveda 84% RH for Seasoning, Size 60

• Two Boveda 72% RH for Maintenance, Size 60


If you just got a new humidor, or if you are purchasing a humidor as a gift for someone else, this starter kit is sure to be a hit. Boveda is a fantastic, trusted brand for humidification, and all its products are made in the USA. Take all the effort out of seasoning and setting up a new humidor with this 50 Cigar Boveda Humidor Starter Kit. If you like it, please remember to come back and leave us a review to let us know!

Have special tips or tricks that you use when you are seasoning a new humidor? Come back and share those too - we love hearing about your experiences with everything you order!

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