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BJ Long's 12" Churchwarden Soft Pipe Cleaners (3-pks of 32)

Brand: BJ Long's
Availability: In stock
Twelve-inch, soft pipe cleaners that will help you clean your pipe quickly and easily, without a mess! Get 3 packs of 32, a total of 96 pipe cleaners per order.

BJ Long's is known for their pipe-cleaning products, and pipe cleaners are their specialty. These 12-inch Churchwarden Soft Pipe Cleaners by BJ Long's are just what you need for cleaning your most delicate, precious, or valuable pipes. The 'soft' option is great for pipes that might be easily scratched, and pipes that are regularly cleaned. Pipes made from light, soft wood, or that have special inlays, designs, or use products like shell or mother of pearl are great candidates for a soft pipe cleaner. Family heirloom pipes are also great candidates for a soft pipe cleaner, to prevent any accidents or potential damage from a more aggressive pipe cleaner. A 12-inch pipe cleaner allows you to traverse the full length of most pipes with extra length to spare - making cleaning faster, easier, and more effective.

When you order BJ Long's 12-inch soft pipe cleaners, you are ordering 3 packs of 32 pipe cleaners each - So a total of 96 BJ Long's Bristle Churchwarden 12-inch soft pipe cleaners per order. You know that cleaning your pipe makes the smoking experience so much better, so get on it, and order the products you really need today. Keep them in your personal pipe inventory at all times, so that you can clean your pipe whenever the opportunity arises- perhaps like a Churchwarden might! If you like them, please remember to come back and leave us a review, to let us know how these soft pipe cleaners from BJ Long's compare to others that you have used!

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