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Best Selling Small Cigars of 2021

Looking for a quick smoke on your lunch break? Want to enjoy a small smoke on a car ride? Well look no further than small cigars, and here you can find the Best Selling Small Cigars of 2021! Whether coming in a tin, a pack, or a box – all these cigars are perfect for a quick, yet enjoyable, smoke.

The star of the show for small cigars in 2021 was Drew Estate Cigars with an astonishing FIVE (!!) products placing in the best sellers, with three different Acid cigars making the list! Try out these great small cigars below and see what all the fuss is about!

Q:          What qualifies as a small cigar?

A:           For the purpose of this list, we looked only at cigars shorter than 5 inches in length and no larger that a 45 ring guage. These parameters felt the best way to highlight some of your most sought after small cigars of the year!

Q:          What are the best selling small cigars?

A:           #1 Drew Estate Acid Krush Blue Connecticut Cigarillos, #2 Macanudo Café Ascots, #3 Deadwood Baby Jane, #4 Drew Estate Acid C-Note, #5 Ashton Senoritas, #6 Arturo Fuente Exquisitos Maduro, #7 Drew Estate Liga Privada Unico Papas Fritas, #8 Drew Estate Acid Krush Red Cameroon Cigarillos, #9 Cuban Rejects Cigarillos, #10 Romeo y Julieta 1875 Mini Mild Blue

Q:          How do you determine the best sellers?

A:           The best sellers are determined from the quantity total cigar sales across Payless, Smoker Friendly, Tobacco Depot, Smoker’s Outlet, and all other stores within our company network! The box, bundle, and pack sales as well as the individual cigars sales are added to single stick sales to give us the rankings.

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