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Best Sellers of 2021

What a year! The cigar industry excelled in 2021, thanks in no small part to you – the Payless Cigars & Pipes Customers! Here you can find the Best Selling Cigars for the year, broken into 4 different groups. The Best Selling Cigars of 2021 features the top selling Premium Cigars in boxed packaging. The Best Selling Small Cigars of 2021 showcases the tins, cigarillos, and other premium cigars perfect for a quick smoke. Everyone loves a wallet friendly option, check out the Best Selling Bundles of 2021 to see the value buys customers loved. And finally, with the Best Selling Other Guys of 2021, check out those top sellers not in the previous three categories – but still deserving of recognition!

Q:          How do you determine the best sellers?

A:           The best sellers are determined from the quantity total cigar sales across Payless, Smoker Friendly, Tobacco Depot, Smoker’s Outlet, and all other stores within the Payless network! The box, bundle, and pack sales as well as the individual cigars sales are added to single stick sales to give us the rankings.

Q:          What does the “Other Guys” mean?

A:           You’ll notice in the Best Selling Cigars of 2021, just 3 manufacturers were dominated the Top 10 ranking! As a result, we created the “Other Guys” to give recognition to the other Best Sellers of 2021 that customers loved so much.

Q:          What are the #1 Best Sellers across each list?

A:           In the Best Selling Cigars list, #1 was the Drew Estate Acid Blondie Blue, in the Best Selling Small Cigars category, Drew Estate Acid Krush Connecticut Blue won the top spot, in the Best Selling Bundles the Payless Exclusive SF Cast Offs Churchill earned #1, while in the Best Selling Other Guys the Rocky Patel The Edge Corojo Toro made the top of the list!

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Arturo Fuente 858 Natural Cigar

Arturo Fuente 858 Natural

$157.99 $181.25
Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe Maduro Cigar
Arturo Fuente Curly Head Natural Habano Lonsdale Cigar

Arturo Fuente Curly Head Natural

$116.99 $134.00
Arturo Fuente Exquisitos Maduro Cigar

Arturo Fuente Exquisitos Maduro

$126.99 $145.00
Ashton Senoritas 10-Pack Connecticut Cigarillo Cigar

Ashton Senoritas (Pack of 10)

$17.10 $19.00
Sold Out
Brick House Mighty Mighty Maduro Cigar

Brick House Mighty Mighty Maduro Cigar

$180.99 $201.25
Cuban Rejects Cigarillos

Cuban Rejects Cigarillos

$29.99 $35.00
Sold Out
Deadwood Baby Jane (10 pack tin)

Deadwood Baby Jane (10 pack tin)

$14.76 $18.00
Deadwood Leather Rose

Deadwood Leather Rose

$182.04 $222.00
Deadwood Sweet Jane Cigar

Deadwood Sweet Jane

$176.14 $214.80
Drew Estate Acid Blondie Cigar

Drew Estate Acid Blondie Blue

$198.44 $242.00
Drew Estate Acid C-Note Cigar

Drew Estate Acid C-Note

$118.97 $145.08
Drew Estate Acid Krush Red Cameroon Cigarillos (10 pack tin)
Drew Estate Acid Kuba Kuba Cigar

Drew Estate Acid Kuba Kuba

$203.69 $248.40
Drew Estate Liga Privada Unico Papas Fritas Cigar
Factory Smokes Maduro Toro Cigar

Factory Smokes Maduro Toro

$39.77 $48.50
Factory Smokes Sweet Toro Cigar

Factory Smokes Sweet Toro

$38.70 $47.20
Foundry Chillin Moose Gigante Cigar

Foundry Chillin Moose Gigante

$60.72 $95.80
Havana Q Double Grande

Havana Q Double Grande

$60.49 $67.40
Macanudo Cafe Ascots Tins

Macanudo Cafe Ascots (10 tins of 10)

$161.18 $207.90
Macanudo Inspirado White Toro Cigar

Macanudo Inspirado White Toro

$124.99 $155.80
New Cuba President Cigar

New Cuba Corojo Presidente

$42.89 $60.00
New World Toro Cigar

New World Toro

$123.99 $138.00
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