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Picture for category Balmoral Serie Signaturas DUETO
Balmoral Serie Signaturas DUETO

Balmoral Cigars was founded in 2014 as the premium cigar wing of Royal Agio Cigars—one of the worlds largest cigar manufacturers. Quickly, Balmoral Cigars gained popularity by focusing on rare and aged tobaccos and expertly producing them in their factory in the Dominican Republic.

Balmoral prides themselves on trying new things and being experimental—their slogan is "curiosity drives discovery." This may come as no surprise that Balmoral Serie Sinaguturas Dueto was born. The Dueto is a result of a collaboration between Ernesto Perez-Carrillo (of E.P. Carrillo Cigars) and Boris Wintermans, CEO of Balmoral Cigars. Dueto is a nod to the collaboration or duet between these two experienced cigar artisans. The Dueto has fillers of stalk-cut Brazilian Mata Norte and Nicaraguan tobaccos; this recipe is bound in a Nicaraguan leaf from Estelí and finalized in a Nicaraguan Jalapa-grown wrapper. The Balmoral Serie Signaturas Dueto offers a medium body and medium strength output, with a refined flavor profile that includes notes of cinnamon, zesty cabinet spices, cocoa beans, and a smooth and creamy finish.